You may think that there is a new feature and functionalities for a social media application every month. With Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and others in continuous competition, there is always something new in the social media area. As a regular user or as a business or a brand of these platforms, it is in your good attentiveness to stay on top of these social media platforms to leverage the features and improvements, and trends as they appear to the best place and deliver the best content to your audiences and followers. 


recently one of the brand new features that jumped into the spotlight. IGTV or Instagram TV is the brand new platform of Instagram. Instagram TV focuses on long-form, vertical videos, and it is available as a feature in the original Instagram application and as a standalone app. 

More than something like HBO, Netflix, Hulu, or any other video streaming platforms that provide professionally produced narrative content, IGTV will be more similar to YouTube. To receive more views, buy Instagram TV views from this site. Instagram TV aims to provide UGC (user-generated content)  from your favorite vloggers, influencers, bloggers, brands, and businesses. IGTV is more than an online video-sharing platform because sharing the content provides creators another place. In the online video market, IGTV plays a vital role. 

For professional video, users will not see the IGTV platform as another platform, so that you as a business and brand will have a great opportunity to provide content and be creative without the need for a professional production team with a high budget. Unlike other social media video platforms, IGTV will completely focus on vertical video. Think Snapchat videos or Instagram stories versus something like a traditional YouTube video. 

You are able to upload a horizontal type video on Instagram TV, but it is not the intended or optimal experience. Instagram will either require the user to rotate their devices to see the video or add a border to the video if you upload a horizontal video. This will feel out of place on the platform, and it is not the considered way to view the video. Buying Instagram TV likes are the one of the business tips to gain attention. For mobile devices, vertical video is much better because it does not force or tell you to revolve your camera to watch the content in the method it was meant to be seen. 

The vertical videos provide users a more attainable way to share the content. IGTV is Instagram’s attempt to bring Television to modern mobile devices. With the rising YouTube’s popularity and the reality that younger people are spending less time watching traditional TV, IGTV is a great way to produce long-form video, an important part of the IG experience. Anyone can create an IGTV channel like YouTube. Smaller accounts have a timing limit of ten minutes, and larger accounts can post a video up to one hour in length. IGTV is available both for Android devices and iOS devices.  And also, you can get started using the IGTV feature in your Instagram application or download the IGTV standalone application. Instagram TV offers you videos based on your interest and the accounts you follow.