The launch of the Reels on Instagram comes with a direct response to TikTok’s huge popularity that has surpassed already 2 Billion downloads that make it the number one most downloaded free social media networking application. It has been so entertaining and fun to see how Instagram is not backing down. Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, previously tried to capture the users of ByteDance application TikTok with the help of the short-form video sharing platform Lasso. The app was shut down quickly in July when it turned out to be a failure to capture TikTok.

The Instagram Reels may look like the copycat of the TikTok platform, but you have to understand that it is more functional than TikTok. As the announcement of Instagram, Reels is developed and published to the users for a new way to discover and create entertaining and fun-filled short-form videos. If you are familiar with the working nature of TikTok or if you are already a user on TikTok, you will be able to feel right at the Reels on the Instagram home.  This short-form video feature consists of editing video anywhere from three to fifteen seconds and recording video anywhere from three to fifteen seconds combined video clips your profile on Instagram, and you can share with your home feed and Explore Feed, and also you can share with your Instagram stories.


The Reels on Instagram will display at the Explore feed on Instagram, like the TikTok videos that display on the For You page. The only primary difference between Tiktok and Instagram is, in TikTok, you are able to watch video clips from the people you follow, but on Instagram, you are able to see the short video clips from the people you follow on Instagram and also from the trending accounts and other popular accounts on Instagram. You can also watch the Reels video and engage with the Reels video even though people are not your followers. The algorithm of the Reels has been revealed yet, but it is based on the people that you’re influenced to follow and the type of content you interact with, and also your location.


The favorite part of the consumers are videos to watch as social media content. Particularly short-form videos are bringing dynamism and leading to the user base reach and greater acceptance. Without restrictions by copyright for the music, users can customize their videos with sounds and songs. Buying Instagram Reels views for your favorite Reel is very easy, as like using the stories on Instagram.