Instagram is a super famous social media network. With billions of users, Instagram becomes the topmost social media app. So many users are active on Instagram. Instagram is a video and photo-sharing social media platform. Instagram was launched in 2010and this platform quickly became popular. Two years later, Facebook purchased Instagram. Instagram is beloved by people because of its unique and special features like interesting hashtags and filters. Instagram has changed and grown quite a bit, but it remains the top visual sharing platform in the world. You can share Stories on Instagram in addition to videos and photos. You can edit Stories to look more attractive. Buy automatic Instagram likes for your brand exposure. Instagram shops and Facebook allow brands and businesses to trade on social media platforms. 


This social media platform is created to help users connect with other people and share interesting videos and photos. Instagram is used to build connections and share experiences with others. Nowadays, Instagram is also a top tool for marketing that helps customers connect with companies and brands. 


Many people have questions about the similarities and differences between the two of the world’s most popular social media platforms. While both Instagram and Facebook are social media platforms, Instagram is focused more on visual-type content such as interesting videos and stunning photos. On the other hand, Facebook is broader and lets the users do just about anything they want. They can share and create content and create events and groups, and more.

There is no way to find which social media network is the safest. It is really not possible to know which social media platform is safer. Many people feel that Instagram is safer than Facebook. Since Facebook owns Instagram, it is possible to link Instagram and Facebook. If your Instagram and Facebook accounts are connected, the two applications can know who your friend is. Create your own Instagram profile to create better awareness about your brand and for your business. First, you have to download the app on your iPhone or Android and create a new account by registering with a phone number or email address or log in to Instagram with your Facebook account details.

You can select a profile picture for your business or brand; you can use your company logo or brand logo for the business. If you get verified on the platform, you will be seen and trusted as a legit figure or brand. Home, Camera, Profile Options, Search, and activity are available on Instagram. The home will make you return to the news feed, and the Camera will allow you to edit your own content and post the content; the search will help you to find people and discover trending images and videos. Activity shows you all the missed notifications. The profile is where you can change any of your settings and edit your profile. Instagram allows you to engage with your followers and audiences in three ways, and they are like, comment, send direct messages. If you want to share a video or photo on Instagram, open the camera tab and choose either Library/ Gallery, photo, or videos. Once you have started or selected to create a video or photo, you can edit it with various filters to make it look good. You can share your content with a specific follower or with all your followers. You can also add your locations, tag people, add captions, and share your posts on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.